website + posters + branding

Bashlash is an awareness campaign that I created at UMSL that was targeted at young adults who might consume prescription medication that isn't nesseccarily prescribed to them. Whether they are taking them for the high or to help them stay up late and study, pill consumption is higher than ever. Rather than saying, "Don't take pills", I designed this project to avoid the dangerous interactions that occur when pills are combined with other substances, mainly alcohol.

I first created a series of 4 posters that would be placed around college campuses and high school hallways to bring attention to the campaign.

I also designed a can/bottle koozie with a message and link to the website. I passed these out to friends and left them at parties in hopes of spreading the word right at the source of some of the dangerous interactions.

To inform these consumers about the dangerous interactions that can take place, I designed and coded a website. Click here to see it live!