motion titles + movie poster

February 2014

Bernie is a film based on a true story in the small town of Carthage, Texas. Local assistant mortician, Bernie Tiede, a beloved member of the community, becomes the only friend of the wealthy, recently widowed Marjorie Nugent, who is widely considered cold and unpleasant by the other townsfolk. Tiede eventually murders Nugent after growing weary of the emotional toll of her possessiveness, persistent nagging and non-stop putdowns. Despite Bernie's confession, many citizens of Carthage still rally to the murderer's defense, with some even asserting that Nugent deserved to die.

For my re-design of the film's movie poster and blu-ray cover, I wanted to express the message that every kind person has their breaking point. Bernie would often deliver some act of kindness to each of the widows' doorstep. I decided to design a friendly hand holding out a bouquet of flowers. The arm is disconnected in a clean, non-disturbing way to show the breaking point. My logotype and color palette helps describe the western-influence the movie has.