website re-design

Creative Director: Rich Durbin

Company: Roundedcube

The newly formed parent company, Aegion Corporation, needed a complete redesign due to the acquisition of multiple companies. Aegion's companies are global leaders in infrastructure protection and provide technologies and services for the corrosion protection of industrial pipelines and for rehabilitating and strengthening sewer, water, energy and mining piping systems, buildings, bridges and tunnels and waterfront structures.

We wanted to give their website a modern, unified, corporate feel while still being associated with the trusted, individual brands that they were made up of.

As a UX designer on the project, I helped to create the new IA and a sitemap in Slickplan to better understand the organization of the new website's layout and navigation.

The next step was to wireframe the pages in Axure, entering possible content when available and start to build out a component library.

One challenge was to incorporate a unique feature that would allow users to customize their experience and see content that was catered to their interests/needs. The solution for this was a "Choose Your Experience" dropdown selector in the header with pre-selected options. Once a user chose one of these, the home page layout would re-load with custom content blocks. The user would also now have easy access to quick links that are associated with that experience.

As always, the mobile presentation of the re-design was highly considered.

See the live, client-managed site at!